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(Updated: June 06, 2018)
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After watching this I must say I'm a huge fan of your work. The main thing that bothered me in the original version was the relationship between Anakin and Padmé. Thanks to your edit it actually works and isn't cringy at all. I appreciate you used some cutscenes, the story works much better with them. But unfortunatelly the quality of those scenes isn't great and it distracts me a little (more than in the episode I). I also like you cut out Anakin's meltdown. It's just better when it's his dark secret.

The only part where the story felt illogical was the arrival of Anakin and Padmé to Geonosis. It looked like Dooku was expecting them which doesn't really make sense. I think some shots from the droid factory could be used to fill the hole (not the whole thing, just the capture). I personally like what OnlyYodaForgives did with this scene in his Neon Noir edit. But overall this edit is great. Good job!

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