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This is a pretty stellar edit. It feels so much more like a Star Wars film - not perfect, but I think as good as it's going to get unless someone comes along to fix the spotty CGI in the 2nd half of the film. I would put this edit about on par with RotJ in general.

I have to say that the use of deleted footage was a pretty big plus here. It's odd that some of this necessary material was ever cut. There are lots of gaps in logic that these scenes help fill in (at least with this edit, not so sure about the original film but probably there too).

As strange as it is to hear myself say it: Anakin and Padme's relationship growth actually feels much more natural, even if Ani is still a little creepy. It's still very "movie"-like but it doesn't feel strange and awkward like in the original.

I also never thought I'd feel better about not seeing Yoda jumping around like a maniac since it was one of the most memorable parts from when I saw it in the theater, but I can honestly say it's so much more fitting without it. It keeps Yoda the Yoda we all know: little and mysteriously powerful with THE force, rather than just powerful with "force" (and speed).

I only found one noticeable editing issue with continuity and that involves when Anakin and Padme get caught and brought before Dooku. They landed in the exhaust shaft but never actually seem to get captured before simply being put on trial. It's a strange omission I don't recall from the original. Not sure what's missing here but it seems some sort of transition is lacking.

Other than that, I think the only thing that would make this edit better is if key parts of Ep1 were integrated into this as a bit of an opening, followed by a "10 years later" and just eliminating the entirety of Ep.1's independent existence.

Now let's see how Ep 3 turned out in HAL's hands...

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