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FanFix February 13, 2014 23717
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This is mind blowing how well you fixed this movie. I hated this movie so much, but somehow you made it into a movie that I borderline love. You easily fixed the worst part of the movie which being the romance. Somehow you managed to make it not so award. It feel more real, more true. The story was also cleaned up and paced better. The complaints I have is with the addition of the deleted scenes the quality is not the best and it is very noticeable and does take out of the movie a bit. And when Mace Windu is talking to the Clones it seems as if he is about to give orders and is abruptly cut off, maybe cut right before he points or take this part out completely. So long story short the narrative and story is absolutely 10 times better in this only completes is the video quality dips in a couple scenes and on abrupt cut near the end of the movie.

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