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For the review I will start with audio and video quality. For me, I judge audio quality if something is noticeably off. The audio appeared fully in sync and with no issues that I could notice. As for the video quality, these were in 1080p and 4k. More importantly, the deleted scenes looked excellent. In some of the other edits that included deleted scenes, they effectively were put in as is. I would like to give a bonus rating if I could for this. For someone with poor eyesight, this makes a huge difference for me.

As for the movie itself: I really like the use of subtitles that allows the audience to understand that Syfo-Dias was the one who secretly ordered the army with knowledge of the senate. This was a simple, but clever solution to a glaring plot hole. I also found it crafty using telepathy having Obi-Wan to communicate with Yoda. These two edits are unique to all fan edits of this movie that I am aware of. Simple, but clever.

This edit also succeeded in a way similar to many others in trimming/cutting dialogue that really makes you cringe - particularly from Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Padme. This makes them more likeable as opposed to the original version.

I did not agree with all the changes made. For example, I like some of the Yoda scenes that were removed (training younglings and sensing Anakin's pain). I also would not have removed the lines from the Lars family. Overall, this is me nitpicking - the overall edit is great and I would recommend people to watch it.

My overall ratings should indicate I agreed with 95-100% of the edits. The differences had to do with personal taste, but those differences do not alter the movie in a significant way anyway. I will leave the review here because I do believe reviews should be short, sweet, and right to the point.

Great job the editor here.

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