Star Wars - Episode II: Path to the Darkside – The Diamond Cut

Star Wars - Episode II: Path to the Darkside – The Diamond Cut
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This fan edit uses ADigitalMan’s version as a basis, and then takes his revisions further.
My intention was to darken the tone of Episode II to bring it more in line with the tone of Empire Strikes Back using ADigitalMan's version of the film as the basis. Lucas ruined the intention of many dramatic scenes by injecting silly, unnecessary humor into them. These have been removed along with many poorly written lines and acting moments which would usually be trimmed in the editing room before a films release.
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Besides the edits and additions Adigitalman made in his version , the Diamond cut also has:

1. Trims to make Captain Typho a more serious character.
2. Removal of Corde’s unnecessary lines.
3. Utilization of a few deleted scenes: the initial Senate scene (trimmed down and re-worked a little), the Droid Anaylsis Scene, Padme's Family scene, and use of the Obi/Mace Platform deleted scene as opposed to the Obi/Yoda/Mace scene.
4. Jar Jar cut to a minimum.
5. Yoda bad humor cut as well as “warm feelings” to bring his character to the serious Jedi Master he truly is (most of his humor in ESB was a ruse to test Luke).
6. Removed some unneeded subtitles and reworded others. (Did Chewbacca ever need subtitles?)
7. I could never figure out why a bounty hunter would hire another bounty hunter, so in this edit Zam Wessel is no longer hired by Jango Fett - they are both equals and are working for the bounty of killing Amidala.
8. Many unnecessary Anakin faces and grimaces removed. And more whining excised.
9. The Zam Wessel speeder chase is considerably cut down. Horrible banter between Obi Wan and Anakin removed as it did not add anything further to their characterizations.
10. Enhanced the bar scene by removing “Death Sticks” (funny but works against the tone of the scene), Lucas’ daughters featured shot is out (just horrible),and other edits.
11. Diner scene is in this edit but condensed. Most Dexter Jexter annoyances removed.
12. Removed many Boba Fett / Jango Fett “father son-isms” - it is now much more believable that Boba Fett grows to be the bounty hunter we know from ESB. It also makes Jango more bad ass as well.
13. The Obi Wan / Jango Fett asteroid battle is trimmed a bit with no more dead space.
14. The Council of Separatists scene has been reworked to remove the horrible CGI characters and their lines.
15. Death of Anakin's mother is trimmed to remove awkward lines.
16. C3PO becoming a Battle Droid is all gone.
17. In this cut, R2 does have his rockets, but he cannot fully fly - they only have enough thrust to get him off the platform and brace his landing.
18. A few edits to further enhance the Anakin/Padme love story to make it more believable.
19. And more...
Cover art by Diamond Wan (DOWNLOAD HERE)


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(Updated: September 11, 2012)
Review by L8wrtr — December 28, 2010 @ 11:32 pm

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(Updated: September 11, 2012)
Overall rating
Visual Editing
Review by darthscourge — October 9, 2011 @ 5:35 pm

Being the worst ever SW movie, this is a tough job to make good. Even with all the editing here, there’s still so much that, IMHO of course, could be removed and redone. E.g. the droid factory sequence is almost completely redundant, and Bert and Ernie don’t need to be in it. They were supposed to remain on the ship – so that’s where they should stay. You cut out everything after 3PO falls to the factory floor, so why have them there at all? And I always hated Padme and the molten metal thing. Plus loads of lines could still be removed/reworked. I understand what problems editing these things causes with both video and audio cuts and score reworking, but…until I get any good at anything like this, I can’t really talk, hey? This is just personal opinion on the finished cut and not a slur on your editing, which is in fact quite good. A little jumpy at times (the Zam death scene and the Dexter cafe scene are examples) but a brilliant effort none the same.

I appreciate all the work done by ALL the editors here, I just really hate this movie (the original, not your work) and have yet to see a version that I want to show my kids. 8.5/10 for the editing and 6/10 for the movie (up from a 3.5 for the original GL version).
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