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(Updated: November 10, 2012)
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Audio/Video Quality: Something similar to the first episode made by adigitalman happens here. The quality is good but not enough if we compare it with the Blu-Ray new editions that can be bought everywhere.

Visual Editing: A lot of cuts were made in this movie although a lot of new extra deleted scenes were introduced, hence the similar duration between the original one and this edition. Some are not very polished.

Audio Editing: Like in the first part, a lot of the changes made cut out sentences that the character do not say anymore. However I feel some cuts could have been made, specially when the movie is near to an end.

Narrative: The narrative is changed a little but nothing very impressive. I did like the scenes where we get to know a little more about Amidala's private life, because they add something different, lost in the originals.

Enjoyment: The sensantion after watching this movie is in general terms good. Anakin does not seem so childish until the end of the movie where I believe something more could have been done but it is ok.

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