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Going back over old reviews I noticed that someway, somehow I never gave this a review? Oops. I can't explain it, but apologies. Maybe I did one and it got lost somehow. In which case, now there are two of them.

Anyway, though I watched this a long time ago and before any reviews were in (live stream - good times), now there are so many reviews that I'm not sure what to say that hasn't been said already.

Basically, this edit is hilarious as all hell. As with the first, there may be a few jokes you don't get, but that doesn't matter, because there are so many jokes that you're sure to be laughing constantly anyway. Also with the first, the dialogue replacement can be a bit shoddy just by nature, but the skill behind it has certainly improved to near seamlessness in some cases. My biggest gripe with TRM was the length, and AOTR definitely improves on this with a trimmer runtime. Again, maybe a little too long, but that's fine. More laughs.

If you haven't seen this yet... what is wrong with you?

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