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A/V Quality – 10/10 – No problems here.

Visual Editing – 9/10 – Making the aspect ratio consistent would have been nice, but that’s probably more personal preference than anything.

Audio Editing – 7/10 – To be honest, if this was any other edit, the audio editing rating would be even lower, but the jokes here present such a daunting audio editing challenge that I have to give you props for doing it as well as you did, even if it’s still very choppy at times.

Narrative – 9/10 – Didn't notice any especial problems with the plot, and trimming down the runtime was a good call.

Entertainment – 7/10 – It’s funny, but unfortunately I never thought it came close to the hilarity of The Ridiculous Menace. There is some really clever humor to be found, but there are also some segments that drag for a little while without anything notably funny. Or maybe those segments just didn't have my type of humor, I don’t know. Obviously a lot of work went into this, and I definitely think it’s worth watching once, even if I won’t be re-watching it several times like I did with The Ridiculous Menace. Definitely looking forward to the third installment.

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