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All hail Ric Ollie!

In AOTR all your favourite TRM gags are back in force like Ewan refering to himself in the third person, which gets funnier everytime I hear it. There are a mountains of new gags too, like renaming Count Dooku as "Duke Dooku", an idea so simple yet so funny. When Yoda says "DUKE DOOKU" in a super serious tone before the final duel I nearly fell off my couch with laughter.

The highlight for me is seeing Darth Maul's scooter still going round Tatooine. Also, Gob Bluth as Threepio, Krusty as Jar-Jar and the Naboo Picnic Monty Python reference are awesome. One criticism would be that the use of the 'Final Countdown' music wasn't extended to the entire edit! Very clever timing it to the mine explosions! The work that must have gone into replacing the majority of the sound, music and dialogue is impressive.

The penultimate shot of a huge fascistic parade ground filled with thousands of Tommy Wiseau clones may haunt me to my grave.

Even better than TRM. Roll on ROTR.

Great work Frink... may the Wookies be with you!

Audio/Video Quality = 7 (It's DVD quality, which is absolutely fine for a spoof)
Visual Editing = 9 (Clever work extending, remixing and looping footage)
Audio Editing = 9 (Must have been a nightmare replaceing what seemed like 80-90% of the audio)
Narrative = 8 (Its more or less unchanged but alot crazier!)
Enjoyment = 10 (Will have you crying with laughter)

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