Star Wars - Episode II: Attack of the Cuts

Star Wars - Episode II: Attack of the Cuts
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The most important change is the relationship between Anakin and Padme. No longer is the relationship plagued by inane dialogue and half-hearted deliveries. The romance (and the movie as a whole) is now much more mature and believable. C3PO and R2D2's appearances have been greatly minimized, and certain scenes that served no purpose have been removed.
This edit's intention is to be a darker and less juvenile movie than the original. Since the Phantom Mending ended on a dark note, I felt that this movie should continue that foreboding atmosphere. It now serves as a fitting transition from the first to the third chapter of the prequels.
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Special Features
Cuts and Additions:
Cut all of Corde's lines
Cut Typho's bad dialogue
Cut Jar Jar's lines
Cut Padme comparing Anakin to a child
Slimmed down Anakin and Obi-Wan's disagreement
Cut Anakin whining to Jar Jar
Cut Jango's conversation with Zam
Cut Anakin's creeper dialogue
Padme now reacts more quickly to the Kouhuns
Reworked entire chase sequence. No poodoo moments, power couplings, or "witty" quips, and Anakin's jump is more believable
Removed obvious cameos in the bar
"Kamino System" has been added as a subtitle
Cut Yoda/Obi-Wan/Mace scene
Cut Padme's conversation with Jar Jar
Cut Anakin whining about Obi-Wan
Cut Dex's diner
Cut Yoda and the Younglings
Reinserted Obi-Wan/Mace deleted scene
Cut Padme's scene with the Queen
Cut Padme's cringe-worthy dialogue at the lake
Cut Padme pulling away from Anakin during their kiss
Cut meadow scene
Cut dinner scene
Moved the fireside scene to before the Jango scene
Minimized Boba's dialogue
Trimmed Watto scenen
Made various cuts in the Jango/Obi-Wan chase
Cut 3PO's "the maker" line for continuity
Cut badly animated aliens in the separatist council
Cut random "NOOOOOO" in Yoda's vision sequence
Made multiple cuts in the Anakin/Padme scene on Tatooine
Cut scene in Palpatine's office
Cut Jar Jar nominating Palpatine
Removed any trace of R2 or 3PO outside the ship
Reworked droid factory sequence so that Anakin saves Padme with the force
Cut "Obi-Wan's gonna kill me"
Cut "truly, deeply"
Cut "she seems to be on top of things"
Made a TON of cuts during the whole battle sequence, including no 3PO or R2, no cringe-worthy Padme/Anakin exchanges, and an overall tightening of pace
Cut "aim above the fuel cells"
Cut some of the most obviously green-screened Dooku speeder bike shots
Cut "we've got to get to that hangar"
Trimmed Dooku attempting to kill Obi-Wan
Trimmed the lightsaber light show
Cut Yoda screaming like a maniac
Cut most of Yoda's flips
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We all know that the Prequel trilogy has a lot of problems with storytelling/acting/character development/pacing. But the biggest problem I have had with many of the Star Wars Prequel fanedits is that they cut too much. I know that others will say the opposite, that they didn’t cut enough. But I feel that scenes should be considered for their importance to the whole more than the individual dislike of the scene itself. And, when in doubt, leave it in.

This edit of Episode 2 didn’t cut too much. A Star Wars movie should be about 2 hours long, and this clocks in a 118 minutes. As such, it doesn’t “feel” like an edit. It's long enough, and only removes the most offensive parts. All of the cuts are things that I don't miss.

Anakin’s character is greatly improved. He doesn’t come off a quite so childish. And Padme’s reactions to him also match this. When they first meet, she doesn’t belittle him by calling him a little boy. From her smile, it just seems like she likes him right away. This helps to make it more believable that she falls for him later on.

t528491 has done something remarkable with this movie... made it enjoyable! I gave it 8/10 for enjoyment, which is great considering the original was hard for me to watch.

The only knock against the video quality is the noticeably poorer quality of the deleted scene added. Not much avoiding this, unless you are Adywan! And the scene switch was the right choice from a narrative perspective.

Great job! Can't wait to see your edit of Episode 3!

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