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(Updated: May 12, 2022)
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I watched this on the heels of the successful Dominic Cobb portrayal of Anakin Skywalker in his ROTS edit, as the premise behind PoorAndin's edit seemed to be of a similar undertaking...make Anakin less whiney and less of a Padme pursuer and to some extent the editor is triumphant, however, in Episode 2 you really don't have much to work with ...I have kind of got used to Hayden's performance(s) over the years and the fact that this is Star Wars gives me permission to forgive certain dialogue and bad drama I wouldn't even contemplate giving other franchises, but ultimately this is not a review of my prequel trilogy feelings. This is a review on how an editor can turn a stick man drawing into a Rembrandt with a bucket of mud and a trowel.
PoorAndin wins a lot of little battles with their AOTC but ultimately does not win the war, I don't even think a war with Episode 2 is even winnable unless new scenes are made and new FX are applied to a fanedit...but what PoorAndin achieves is a minor miracle.
I absolutely loved the new formation which flowed beautifully. The new scene structure alone, will drive me back to this edit when i have the urge to re-watch AOTC. Little dialogue finesses are a highlight and the removal of Naboo is also successful and definitely a choice i have never seen before and it really works...however i did have to extend belief that Lars and Beru lived in a pimped out igloo made of dirt but that is a minor problem. Can any FX wizards out there remove them elaborate vases by the fireside.
Subjectively, i would still go a little further with regards to removing some dialogue and trimming scenes especially the Droid factory scene, Dex diner and Geonosis arena but an editor must always make choices to appease themselves and if others jump on board then cool.
As an OT child, I also have to think about how the kids who grew up with the prequels have a certain sentimentality for them and that can be forgiving for them and can play a part in the keeping/removal of scenes they may have a certain fondness for...on the flipside I have a nostalgia for Return of the Jedi but I know a lot of people who can't stand the fact that the mighty empire got overthrown by a bunch of teddy bears.
In summary i highly recommend this edit and it will definitely be one of my go to fanedits - i may even take a crack at an edit of Episode 2 myself one day as PoorAndin has some inspiring ideas that has certainly set my mind into gear and has proven to me that AOTC could maybe ...just maybe be a half decent film. Which i never would have thought of a day ago.

I watched the edit on my PC, so my technical and sound scores will be a tad lower. Once i have watched the edit on my TV i will return & adjust my score accordingly sound transition was glaringly obvious but i will pass judgement for now.
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