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Okay so finally reviewing this after watching it last christmas.

Great job, I mentioned in my "Return of the Sith" review that I narrowed down my Star wars downloads to this and L8wrtr. Both seemed to be proper re-edits of the new trilogy (although I'm hoping Seciors is finishing the final movie in his trilogy as I'm typing this). So, as a former Star Wars fan (and now Re-newed) I decided that barring a disaster with the 3rd movie, Seciors has made my Preferred edits of Star wars 1, 2, and 3 .

Watching these re-edits makes me realize that George Lucas did put his heart into the movies while filming, but also, that he didn't have enough people around him willing to tell him that he was going too far in certain directions etc.. Well, thankfully these problems seem to be fixable with a lot more editing than he was willing to do himself, and which he probably should have done initially in the actual screenplays themselves.

His new trilogy really reminds me now of Peter Jackson's current Hobbit series, where they seem to be more animated because of the special effects tools available nowadays, making them more childish than the original trilogy's, but there's more room for visual imagination with the world and the creatures, which both bad and good.

Back to the subject of the movie, Attack of the Clones was my favorite of Star Wars 1, 2, and 3, Phantom menace was nearly unwatchable to me, and the third one has a spectacular Finale, but is just waaaayyyy too much mayhem and nonsense leading up to it. The removal of moments of Anakin being a creeper is a mostly a good thing although they are good warnings of his descent into evil in the third piece. Pacing-wise, the movie goes by very quickly, as I stated this was my favorite of the three so I remember enjoying it in the theater as much as I did because it took it's time and gave me a sort of "vacation" in Star wars universe once again as the originals had done.

Otherwise fantastic edit , my Preferred edition .

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Owner's reply March 27, 2014

Thanks for the review! Very flattering that my versions are your preferred ones.

Yes, I *will* get to Episode III! I am really hoping I can get it done sometime this year.

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March 28, 2014
Hey, thanks, I'd also like to point out that I'm decent at making dvd art and that I found your cover art to be the most interesting, next to L8wrtrs, and also titles are very important to me and I'm very interested in what the third one is going to be called (recently noticed Hal9000's edits they might be great too, his titles and covrs aren't my favorite though). I'm fairly new to the fanedit scene but I've been doing filmmaking as a hobby and at school for a while now so I'd be happy to give feedback on your edit if you need any.
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