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I re-watched Seciors' Star Wars Episode II - Army of the Republic, and it's definitely one of the better and more creative AOTC edits on the site. Some scenes that are unneeded and a little dialogue that I would have removed are still present, but the editor has explained his reasons for keeping them and I'm cool with it.

Audio/Video Quality - Outstanding dude! One of the greatest things about this edit! 10/10

Visual Editing - The video editing is excellent! There were however some minor cuts that were a little obvious, but they are barely noticeable. 9/10

Audio Editing - Like Return of the Sith, there are a few audio crossfades that could use a little more work, but again it didn't hamper my enjoyment of the edit. Dooku's new line at the beginning was a bit obvious, but upon my second viewing it was less noticeable. Overall everyone sounded great! 8/10

Narrative - Seciors is a fantastic storyteller, but a few things about this edit bugged me initially. The Yoda lightsaber fight is still here, but the editor has made more tolerable. It now seems like Yoda is fighting in self defense. Both of the Jango Fett actions scenes with Obi-Wan are also present, and both are too cartoonish and useless to watch. Seciors has stated he liked the scenes, and I respect that. Seciors' editing of the Anaking and Padme romance is hands down the best I've ever seen. Brilliant! The subplot about Anakin's mother is perfectly rearranged for a more powerful sequence of events, and I loved the added Imperial March music. Finally, Anakin is no longer a creepy monster! Jango Fett is no longer decapitated by Mace Windu, and it is assumed that he trains Boba to be a bounty hunter before the events of the original trilogy. The removal of that Sifo Dyas guy works well, and Army of the Republic is generally less convoluted than the original film. 10/10

Enjoyment - I hate this goddamned film to death, and no matter what no editor can fix it (Unless the entire community bands together and edits the film as a group). This was a valiant effort by Seciors to make it a better film, and like I said it is a great edit in the same league as L8wrtr's and Q2's edits. 8/10

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