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I quite enjoyed this, which is saying something considering the source. Haha. ;) (seriously, though, I generally appreciate the movie FAR more in fanedit form) I like the addition of some of the new plot elements, like balance slaves and mind maidens. That led to some fun lines and interesting situations. (and one hilarious revelation!) Overall, the story is easier to follow, which is good.

Video quality is nice. The movie certainly has aged better than II and III, but that's neither here nor there. Heh. Not totally sure how I feel about some of the audio choices. As-is soundtrack portions inserted at times do seem to fit or seem almost necessary at times to match the excitement of the scenes, but then that makes it not 100% silent... I guess that's like black and white movies that have color elements sprinkled here and there. There are always TMBTM's silent projects if you're a stickler for 100%. Haha.

One negative for me is that I definitely didn't like seeing Jar Jar's old shenanigans intact. It's just that it reminds me of why he was such a hated character in the first place! It's something I could've lived without ever seeing again, but since he's toned down so much overall, I uh...yeah, I still didn't like seeing it. Sorry. :p I also wasn't crazy about a few of the subtitles, as they were extremely "modern," for lack of a better term, but we're only talking about 3 or 4 of them, so that's fine.

All in all, though it may not be a *radically* different take on the movie, it certainly has elements added/changed that make it far fresher than even many existing TPM fanedits. That's a big plus considering how many there are out there! Good job, luke! :)

P.S. Funny cover art. So simple and effective.

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