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I recently realized that I had never left a proper review for this edit, even after seeing the footage so many times when Frink put out the edit originally. This was definitely something I needed to remedy, and I finally had some time this evening to give it another spin. After 5 years, I was curious to see how the gags would hold up. Nothing to fear there! Not only did they hold up, but this edit aged like fine wine. Well, maybe some halfway decent boxed wine. I forgot how many great gags were in this and I laughed out loud (loudly) at several points during the film. Some of the jokes are dated to pop-culture of 2011, but that somehow made them even more amusing (2016 could have used a lot more nyan cat).

Some of the audio editing is rough in spots, and while that is usually distracting or a deal breaker, it adds to the charm here. Some of the jokes will go over the viewers head, and others may overstay there welcome, but so many are ROFL-worthy.

I've really grown to loathe the prequels over the years. This is now the only way I intend on watching them moving forward. Thanks Frink!

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