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TV's Frink has made Episode I into exactly what it was from the beginning: a joke. Due to some clever editing to pretty much everything, I found myself enjoying and even laughing aloud at what must be one of the most creative edits I have seen in a while. Let me fill you in on what I did, and didn't, like.

-All of the droids are absolutely hilarious. Seriously. They're awesome.
-Many of the conversations are refreshingly new, and they end up being really funny.
-TV's Frink has mastered the art of elongated repetition, having the same thing being said just long enough to be really funny without being annoying. Think of the opening scene of spaceballs for an idea on how this works.
-Really, most of the jokes were just funny. That's all this edit was aiming to accomplish and it did that.

Alright, onto the the bad stuff. Don't let any of this deter you from watching this edit, because they are, very frequently, a side effect of the silliness.

-Some of the lines TV's Frink used to create new dialogue have the background music attached to them, which is an unavoidable side effect.
-There were a couple jokes that didn't really work, but I might just not have really understood them.
-The abundance of splicing he did ended up with (sometimes-distracting) visual and audio glitches.
-The storyline was damaged... but that is not too important to the edit.

That's it. I would highly recommend this edit and would watch it again. Heck, might as well replace Episode I with this beauty.

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