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I got to watch the entire edit online. I loved it. I often rewatch Episode I thinking I'm going to be less cynical this time and will remember how much I can enjoy TPM with an open heart and mind and I'm always disappointed. No 'more serious more dark' versions of the prequels have ever succeeded with me so an edit that does the exact opposite was a great idea. The experience was uplifting and fun.

I love the montage music, the funny overdubs, the cutaways, the satirical optical wipes, the extended conversations and overstretched moments, the motifs, pretty much everything. This edit was made for everyone on this site. There's no other group of people on the internet that know why "intentional creative decision" on the Naboo exterior is funny.

The editing can be considered terrible at times due to the transparency of the overdubs and video looping. But considering the intention, this edit should get perfect points for intricacy, vision, and humorous success. I didn't know how to rate the visual quality considering I watched it over the internet, but it had to get generous points for being so readily available.

That's all. I think it was wonderful and already love what's being done with Episode II. Thank you for sharing.
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