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Just to echo what others have said I found a lot of the gags to be unfunny though comedy is a selective taste. The consent choppy to the dialogue soon became annoying to the point I just wanted the Phantom Menace instead. While the Phantom Menace was lacking in plot the edit to me removed any and all story, if I’d never seen the Phantom Menace before I wouldn’t had a clue what was going on and who was who.

There are some great moments within the edit the pod race, Yoda snoring and Darth Maul’s walking on sunshine sketch are among the highlights though for every gag that worked I found there to be 10 gags that didn’t work.

The end credits are also a highlight as it shows the number people that have contributed to this edit. TV’s Frink really captured something special and it’s great that the fanedit community were able to help in contributing towards the edit. I also see this as the first of many edits that spoofs a well known film.

Overall it’s worth seeing though I don’t have any desire to watch it again, would have preferred a more shorter 80min film instead as I found it to be a bit of drag 5/10
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