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Review from 1 January 2012

Sorry, just didn’t work for me. I admire the idea and even the execution, but I really couldn’t get into it, however much I wanted to.
The repeating clips I found particularly unfunny, and the constant (unavoidable?) cuts made it very difficult to follow the movie and to understand the (new) motivations of the characters.
A lot of it didn’t make sense to me – like Anni saying “are you an angel” to everyone. Is he retarded?
Also, the cuts were a bit too long, so everything seemed very slow. Cutting fast to the next dialogue would really have helped keep up the tempo.

I did like:
the video game sounds entering the Gungan city
the Darth Vader voice out of Anni
the new subtitles
the video game health bar in the final fight
“Obi Wan”

but, unfortunately I was really bored: Phantom is boring anyway – A new hope may have been better to do this with since the humour doesn’t have to carry the entire film.

I very much uhmmed and ahhed about writing this review because I really like Frink on the forums and felt like I was being somehow disloyal. Then I realised that this is a rating site, and some people LOVE certain movies, and others don’t, and people have different tastes and some people might find this review helpful.
Don’t take it personally Frink. Didn’t work for me, but others loved it. It certainly shows that we can expect more from Frink in the future. For what it’s worth, Congrats on your first edit!
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