Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (ebumms Edit)

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Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (ebumms Edit)
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Brief Synopsis:
This fan edit is for those of us who have convinced ourselves that we love Episode I almost exactly as it is but would prefer just a little less Jar Jar. He's been toned down just enough to possibly be likable.
I want the viewer to feel like they watched the same movie only this time finding it to be a little easier to love.
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Editing Details:
This edit started out as a mission to completely remove Jar Jar Binks and all other cringeworthy moments. In the process I discovered and was amazed at many of the brilliant edits and even began to incorporate some of their ideas into mine. Once I had it whittled down to about an hour and 30 minutes I started to miss certain scenes and lines that lent more to enriching the story than I had originally thought. I began to put back edit after edit until I decided that I want my fan edit to be as minimal as possible...only the worst offenders would be cut. There are many cringeworthy bits I decided to keep in, all of the stiff dialogue, child acting and midichlorians are still there, because, like it or not, they are Episode I to me.
Cuts and Additions:
MUTED Battle Droid: "uh oh"
MUTED Jar Jar yell during dive
REMOVED Jar Jar: "Yousa follow me now okeyday."
REMOVED Capt. Tarpals: "Yousa in big doo doo this time."
REMOVED Jar Jar getting zapped
REMOVED Jar Jar: "Count me out...Whata mesa saying?"
REPLACED Jar Jar: "Dis is nutsen..." with "Where wesa goin?"
REMOVED entire second half of underwater sequence
REMOVED Battle Droid: "Where are you taking them...doesn't compute."
MUTED/CROPPED Jar Jar: "Dissen very, very bad. Ooh! Icky, icky goo."
REMOVED Jar Jar sticking out tongue
TRIMMED Jar Jar chasing pit droid
TRIMMED Jar Jar juggling junk
REMOVED Jar Jar spinning in doorway
REMOVED Jar Jar: "No again" through Qui-Gon: "That's our problem."
REMOVED Jar Jar: "Mesa hatin' crunchin'." through Qui-Gon: "heading into trouble."
TRIMMED pause between Anakin: "very" and "dangerous"
MUTED Jar Jar gulp
REMOVED Jar Jar head shake after Qui-Gon grabs his tongue
REMOVED extended pod race introductions
REMOVED fart and Jar Jar reaction
MUTED Sebulba: "Uh oh"
MUTED Announcer noise after "Jabba the Hutt"
REMOVED Jar Jar: "Oh this is gonna be messy. Me no watchin'."
MUTED Kitster: "Yay! Yippee!"
REPLACED Announcer dance and duplicate crowd shot with deleted crowd shots
MUTED Anakin: "Yippee!"
REMOVED Jar Jar: "The queen's being grossly nice...pitty hot."
REPLACED Jar Jar: second "Mesa show you!" with first "Mesa show you."
MUTED Jar Jar: "Yippee! Yahoo!"
MUTED Battle Droid: "roger, roger"
REMOVED Jar Jar spinning sling
REMOVED Jar Jar: "dumb droid" and battle droid stuck to foot
REMOVED Jar Jar: "Dis is nutsen."
REMOVED Jar Jar: "Uh oh. Big booboo."
MUTED Jar Jar: "Uh oh."
MUTED Jar Jar yell
REMOVED Jar Jar: "What? Mesa no have a booma!"
MUTED Jar Jar head shake sound
MUTED Anakin: "Oops"
TRIMMED Obi Wan jumping over Darth Maul
Cover art by ebumms (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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