Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace: Minimal Politics Edition

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace: Minimal Politics Edition

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Warning: If you don't like The Phantom Menace and you're looking for the perfect FanFix for it, this edit isn't for you. This edit is for children who get bored by the political scenes in The Phantom Menace and people who dislike the political plot of the movie but like the rest of the movie as it is.

Basically, this is The Phantom Menace with as little politics as possible.
I made this fanedit specifically for children, I believe they deserve a tonally consistent version of the movie: A childish tone.
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  • PAL DVD-5
  • AVCHD (DVD-9)
  • Blu-Ray (BD-25)
  • MP4/M4V/MOV
Cuts and Additions:
- New opening crawl that’s easier to understand. The new, simpler plot is that the Trade Federation has created a blockade around the planet Naboo because they had a disagreement with the Naboo government. No mention of “taxation of trade routes”.
- Cut “As you know, our blockade is perfectly legal.”
- Cut “You’re trade boycott of our planet has ended.” “I was not aware of such failure.”
- Cut “The senate would revoke their trade franchise and they would be finished.” “We must continue to rely on negotiation.” “Negotiation? We’ve lost all communication. And where are the Chancellor’s ambassadors?”
- Cut the treaty discussion on the stairs. We don’t need to know about the details of the invasion. The point is that the government is in a disagreement with the Trade Federation, and as a response they are invading the planet.
- Cut “They need her to sign a treaty to make this invasion of theirs legal, they can’t afford to kill her.”
- Cut “…and Queen Amidala? Has she signed the treaty?” “She has disappeared, my lord. One Naboo cruiser got past the blockade.” “,Sigh, I want that treaty signed!”
- Cut “…to sign the treaty” from “You will then have no difficulty in taking the queen to Naboo to sign the treaty.”
- Cut “…There is no stability. The Republic is not what it once was. The Senate is full of greedy, squabbling delegates. There is no interest in the common good.”
- Cut “He is mired by baseless accusations of corruption.”
- Heavily trimmed Galactic Senate scene.
- Cut “They’ll force you to sign the treaty.” “I will sign no treaty, Senator.”
- Cut “As soon as we land, the Federation will arrest you and force you to sign the treaty.” “I agree. I’m not sure what you wish to accomplish by this.”
- Cut “Time for you to sign the treaty and end this pointless debate in the senate.”
- Cut “Now, viceroy, we will discuss a new treaty.”
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