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When it comes to watching Episode I I've personally avoided watching it for so long I barely remember the film and as such also avoided the many fanedits over the years for fears of bring back those bad memories. As its been so long I finally gave in and watched Andreas edit and I'm glad I did.

What drew me to this edit was the reimagining of the narrative and using other source material to expand on much needed character development while omitting offensive scenes throughout some examples *SPOILERS* like expanding on the trade federations backstory to strengthen their motives, allowing the villains more screen time to give a sense of peril and also better introducing Dookus character to the storyline and reintroducing Jar-Jars as a member of the Jedis original crew sent from corusent. Is this film perfect? no. can the few issues be fixed? yes, quite easily.

The main issues are really only technical ones like Mauls sabre changing orange in some scenes, although you get the narrotive point better with Dookus hologram throughout it still looks out of place in some scenes eg Jedi council scene @ 00:56:23 and some clunky subtitles one example of this is during the original films opening scenes on the trade federations ship which is now shown later in the film when Qui-Gons using his sabre to melt the bridges blast doors these are the new lines:

Nute Gunray: "close the blast doors... Were you born stupid?"
Rune: "this guy just wont give up!"
Nute Gunray: "shut up, your encouraging him" – encouraging? Should read something more like "shut up, stop admiring them!

Also something out of place is the heavy metal rift first heard at Tattooine when entering Mos Espa and the Maul scenes which brings you out of the Starwars film. Lastly Qui-Gons close up death scene @ 01:27:56 repeats itself but not sure if its intentional though.

Overall a very good edit from Andreas and a definite improvement over the theatrical, looking forward to the improvements version 2 of the Ancient Lore will bring.

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