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Star Wars: Episode I - The Ancient Lore
November 04, 2018    
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Having watched Ancient Lore with the proverbial fine-tooth comb, I am happy to confirm that this Phantom Menace edit has the most interesting, balanced narrative and pacing that I've seen!
Technically, there are a few transition glitches but nothing that can't be solved in v2. A noticeable color correction may be harder to perfect (I'm not sure, I'm not great at that).
Musically, some changes are clear improvements, some aren't, and some are a matter of taste. Depending on your taste, your idea of this balance will obviously change.

The added scenes with Darth Maul are a great addition to give more screen-time to this originally under-used Sith.
Having the Trade Federation villains speak non-English works better than I expected to allow completely new lines of dialog.
I wondered if any Liam Neeson lines from the SW cartoons would be inserted. They aren't. I hope Andreas will be able to use those in a future AotC edit.

I'm eager for v2! Until then, v1 is already my preferred edit for Phantom Menace.

(Full disclosure: I made English subtitles for this edit, so I'm invested in it. I'm both biased for and extra critical of the edit, wanting it to be the best it can be).

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