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This edit falls far short of what it promised. Oh god, it sucks. Like the Famicom game Final Fantasy II, the story was thought of before other important elements, like continuity and music.

The music is a mishmash of various Star Wars themes put in without thought. When rescoring a Star Wars film, use themes that thematically link the film with the OT or other installments. Using the Funeral Pyre music for a simple conversation is just wrong, as that theme symbolizes the OT coming full circle as Luke set Vader's armor ablaze on Endor, and there are other force theme renditions you could have used. You should have just left the music mostly as is from the vanilla TPM.

While the idea of a restructured narrative is a good idea, I feel that creating new subs while using foreign dub track audio is the only way to remove the awful dialogue from the original Phantom Menace.

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(Updated: November 10, 2018) November 10, 2018
courtlyhades296, when ripping apart an edit, you may want to read the intention of the edit before giving a scathing review. Your main concerns regarding rescoring decisions not being in line with the OT are quite frankly not in tune with the intention of Andreas' edit. It's perfectly ok to disagree with an edit and to share so, but saying that something flat out "sucks" that someone worked on for years that displays abilities that are beyond many aspiring editors is poor taste at best.
(Updated: November 10, 2018) November 10, 2018
In reply to an earlier comment

Sorry for saying it sucks. I meant to say it was a mixed bag with some amazing parts and some weren't thought out. The story editing was fabulous but the music edits were distracting enough to hurt the whole thing.
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