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This is one of my favorite fanedits of Episode I, and the main reason is the pacing. This thing just barrels along, with smart choices to the action to make it more lively and exciting. Of all the edits of Ep. I I've seen, this one feels the most like a "Star Wars" movie.

My favorite little edit is the way the Anakin/Greedo deleted scene is cleverly and seamlessly incorporated. A fantastic use of that sequence.

My only complaint would be that the speed sometimes feels a little too break neck. Tatooine especially suffers from this, as I feel like a little more time taken here would help us get to know the characters. But if the material wasn't there, I'd rather it went by quickly like this anyway.

There were a couple of slightly odd Audio cuts and transitions. Nothing was particularly wrong with the cut, but it would sometimes very clearly start or end a piece of music at a point that wasn't the natural conclusion. No biggie, especially since Star Wars movies are so difficult to edit sound wise.

Overall a fantastic edit that's well worth your time!

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