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I'm a newbie to to fanedit thing. In fact, a month ago I had never watched or even heard of it. But since then I have become addicted and look forward to watching movies I sadly could not previously enjoy, become a movie I will watch time and again.

This was the second fanedit I ever watched. When I first saw the Star Wars prequels I did not hate them to the degree many did, at least the basic dark, tragic storyline. But man did Lucas mess it up in execution. Much like Episode VI, he tried to be too cute. As we all know, Jar Jar made it intolerable so I love that edit. The Annakin kid was annoying at times, but you've managed to tone back his cockiness and dumb one liners. He is stud Jedi material after all, so he has to be confident.

I'm not much of a technical guy, but the video and sound was excellent as far as my humble system is concerned. The edits were not detectable, particularly since I did not remember the movie much. Maybe there was once or twice it was clear something was chopped, but really minimal.

In summary, you've done about all can be done with this movie. I disagree in terms of Star Wars does not do politics - an understanding of it lends more to the series, so I would prefer that material not be removed. The "8" for enjoyment represents the highest rating in this case, because I don't think any edit can completely overcome the shortcomings. Nice job!

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