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(Updated: November 18, 2013)
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Masterful. Absolutely masterful. Seciors has made some deep cuts to this movie (which is exactly what TPM needed) and has pulled it off seamlessly. The Phantom Menace is finally a fun, engaging, and dare I say exciting movie. This is the movie we all wanted back in 1999, and seciors has delivered the perfect introduction to the following two prequels. I recommend Q2's Episode II and L8wrtr's Episode III, btw. Q2 and seciors don't allude to the fact that Palpatine is Darth Sidious whatsoever (spoiler alert?). In fact, that's what I like about Q2 and seciors; they don't spell everything out for you and insult your intelligence. Thus, it is in L8wrtr's Episode III, beginning with the opera scene, that you begin to feel a sense of dread as you start to realize what's really going on. These three edits together succeed in keeping the viewer in the dark for as long as the main protagonists are (although it's hard to say whether we really would have been fooled since we've all seen these movies before). Together, seciors, Q2, and L8wrtr have rescued the PT by cutting out the bloat and adding some much needed subtlety and nuance to these films. However, seciors has demonstrated exceptional skill in ascertaining when less is undoubtedly more. Bravo.

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