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Finally...A version of TPM that I actually enjoyed and I mean, I actually really enjoyed this.

I noted the kinda quick runtime of just under 85 mins and I was a bit dubious as to whether this would feel rushed. It doesn't.

Perhaps because the editing is spot on, there's nothing boring and ultimately is was (boringly)directed by George Lucas - this feels like a totally fresh film to me. When compared to the likes of Transformers or Man of Steel or even Avengers...this feels engaging, but never OTT.

I think the removal of Sidious in this edit is genius. I was also very impressed with the removal of Gungan City and going through..the planet core. Even Jar Jar didn't annoy me. He said what he needed to say and it felt like what he was saying was important to understand the later plot.

Relegating the Trade Federation to simply a separatist Federation works spectacularly well. The pod race felt like such great fun now - not too short or too long.

I was really keen to see the end battle and once again, this really impressed. All that stupidity is gone.

Technically, it was utterly seemless and I noticed not one single thing out of place. So I've given this 10/10 in all aspects. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Talk about taking a turd and turning it into a

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