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Editing was excellent. never really noticed the editing. Loved the trimmed down, streamlined version. much more exciting, much more tolerable and coherent- it was much easier to understand the political plotlines going on than in the original. I appreciated that so much of the awful dialogue was scrapped, particularly by you know who, but also appreciated the abbreviated pod race and other scenes. I did missed the big fish, but get that it took away from the plot. Ultimately, I think this was about as good as could be hoped for. so much potential in a movie that underutilized its actors in favor of special effects. not ready to write this in as my definitive edition, as i'd like to see a couple of the other edits, but so far- it's #1.

Additional Edits on my Wish List:
* changing Jar Jar binks voice to some tough sounding alien voice w/ subtitles. also love that I heard that some edits made him into a bad-ass.
* do the same thing- insert an alien sounding language- for the "Asian" Trade Federation leaders.
* edit out Anakin asking padme, "are you an angel?"
* edit out old woman saying "storm is coming"
* edit out Anakin declaring, "mom, i'm home!"
* edit out R2D2's "award ceremony"
* edited out Soboba sabotaging Anakin's pod racer. it feels contrived- why would he feel threatened by him and furthermore, I think it would have been just as or more tense if it was understood that Anakin whipped it up to have ready for the race, and did not have time to fully complete it, thus- weakened parts (much like the bicycle malfunction in "Breaking Away"- if anyone's seen that movie)

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