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I specifically didn't click the yes/no on recommending this edit because it mostly still follows the same plotline as the original film. While it chopped out a lot of the fat, it's essentially still the same movie. It's just as much uninteresting filler as it was before, just with less annoyances. I suppose that's a good thing, but still doesn't make for a good movie / narrative.

That being said, the editing was seamless. I honestly didn't even notice it was edited...that's both a good and bad thing: Good because it says a lot for the edit and editor, but bad because I didn't feel like I was watching a new film. Honestly, that's really what the films needs but I don't think that's necessarily the editor's fault. After seeing The Lone Gungan edit, I can't go back to the original narrative at all. I feel like the only way to truly "fix" TPM is just to forgo it altogether, and chop it down to like a 30 minute intro to a good edit of the 2nd film.

Anyways, this is probably the best edit I've seen of the original narrative. Take that as you may. If you like the original narrative, this edit may be for you. This edit is technically very sound.

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