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I watched HAL's Ep I last night, expecting an improvement on L8wrtr's because other reviewers have compared the two and come to that conclusion. Not so IMO.

JarJar Binks and his silliness is in there a lot more than in L8wrtr's. So minus there. I liked that L8wrtr added the Anakin fight scene. HAL added the atrocious deleted scene "Padme gives Anakin a blankie on Tatooine" instead. Bad unfinished visual effect and doesn't add up for the narrative, IMO.

HAL eliminating the entire Gungan city sequence works flawlessly so I like that better than L8wrtr who kept some of it in.

While an interesting idea, I think John Williams' original score for the race works better than the editor using the trench run music from Ep IV.

Visually the movie looks great (at 20GB it better) and the editing is good. It is better than the theatrical release.

But L8wrtr's version is better and my go-to version at this point, for this movie. I will still check out HAL's Ep II and III.

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Owner's reply May 01, 2014

Thanks for the review. :)
Minor point of clarification: No music was removed from the podrace sequence, only added.
And, yes, there is more than your average amount of Jar Jar. I felt that keeping as much as possible helps sell the removal of the offensive bits. There are deep Jar Jar cuts, so I try to counteract that by keeping his other mostly harmless bits in the interest of believability as a non-fan-edit.

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