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Wow. This really is a piece of art. The edit is well paced, seamless and more importantly.... enjoyable. Thank's for this edit HAL, I no longer have to watch the original release as this is now my go-to version of the film.

Having watched other edits, the difficult part is getting the opening correctly paced. Other versions are far to fast, but you've managed to pitch it perfectly. It doesn't feel rushed, the Gungan homeworld has been removed and the Neimodians are more of a threat. Outstanding.

The rest of the film is just as good. The podrace is excellent, Jar Jar's annoyance is reduced and I like your version of Anakin much better than the original. My one critiscism is that C3PO is kept in the film, but that is more of a personal choice.

Technically the edit is almost seamless, even for someone who has watched TPM numerous times. There were a couple of places in which there was some drop-off in the sound, but they are minor and didn't distract me from the film.

A must see edit. I can't wait to watch your versions of EpII and EPIII.

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