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(Updated: June 05, 2022)
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First edit of TPM i'v seen, and I think it'll be the last. You've done amazing work overhall here.

TPM can't and will never be a great movie, but you have turn a badly structured/written movie into a pretty fun watch.
Anakin is largely less annoying, the writing less corny, the story more concise, the subtles changes are quite perfect to build a more heroic, jedi-like character and a fun movie at the same time.

On the technical side, nothing bad to say, stunning work. Did not notice the cuts. Visuals and sounds are top quality.

My only complaint is regarding the pace and continuity of the movie at a specific moment. Although i'm the first to enjoy less Jar-Jar, cutting everything from his apparition to the arrival at Naboo Palace makes his presence in the rest of the aventure harder to understand. Why is he here all the time, following them if they just run into each other and that's all ? Pace wise, the jump from the forest to the place is a bit abrupt also....
Still can't really be mad, Jar-Jar is a detail compared to all the improvements you've made.

Now i'm happy to say, I find this TPM enjoyable to watch and that's not a small compliment.

Thanks for the hard work (and the french subtitles, greatly appreciated).

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