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All of the prequel edits by HAL9000 are brilliantly done and my favorite of those that I've seen. This honestly beats out every other cut of these movies by far.

That said, this is my least favorite edit by HAL9000, but I don't think that's really his fault. This movie had major issues that needed to be fixed, mostly with Jar Jar and Anakin. Jar Jar is reworked to be an every-man character thrown into situations he never dreamed of and doesn't understand. This does wonders to cut down on his obnoxious character, but he is still overly silly in places. The deleted scenes added in help tie parts of the movie together better, but they are still visually jarring from the finished cut, not HAL9000's fault and I think they are necessary, but it is still unfortunate that these are the best versions of these scenes. In later edits, the added scenes feel a bit more cohesive to me. The Gungan aid at the end feels less natural than in the original, but I think this is worth it to remove some of the worst scenes in the original cut. Overall, I still recommend this edit and will be watching and showing it to others for a long time, but I feel it's the weakest of the bunch.

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