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FanFix January 19, 2014 45494
(Updated: November 29, 2019)
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This edit greatly improved this movie, it went from being a pile of garbage that I hated to a movie that I can enjoy. Sure it is not perfect, Jar Jar is still in here but most of his scenes were he is being annoying are cut. There is only one Jar Jar scene that I think could've have been cut but wasn't which is when he zaps his tongue in the pod. The video quality was great as well, how ever in one or two scenes it did seem to notice a small dip in quality. The narrative was improved as well by cutting out unnecessary dialogue and some scenes in general. However at the end of the film it might confuse new viewers where Padmé gets help from the Gungans, this is my only complaint with the narrative and it is minor. The editing was very well done it did not seem as if I was watching a fan edit. However this edit can only do so much in fixing this movie, for example the acting is still not so great and the cgi was not that well. This along with Jar Jar is why I gave it a 9 not a 10.

This edit actually allows me to enjoy this movie, something that I could only do to make fun of in the past. This is how I will be watching the Phantom Menace from now on.

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