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I recently revisited the prequels to see if I could find versions that would at least make me want to acknowledge more than the OT. While these movies have always been pretty terrible to me, I always believed AotC was the only one beyond saving. After watching a few of the more highly rated versions of Ep3, this is my favorite. There are things I prefer in other versions (most of it has to do with deeper cuts), but overall this one has the best edits IMO. I know some prefer these movies to stay closer to the typical two hour length of most SW movies, but I much prefer the deeper cuts. And, as I said, I think a few more things could be cut. Mostly little trims, but one thing, in particular, occurred to me. Has anyone ever tried to edit the Order 66 scene to remove Yoda's use of the lightsaber? I would prefer a PT that does not have Yoda even owning a lightsaber. My thought would be to edit his reactions to the other Jedi slayings so it is obvious he knows he needs to get out of there. Utilize the footage of the Wookies carrying him off and remove the troopers ever even approaching him. I would NOT, however, acknowledge that one of the wookies is Chewbacca. This is a small quibble though. One other thing I noticed is I would have left in the Emperor on Mustafar. It seems a little abrupt that all of the sudden Anakin is being brought to Coruscant by the Emperor.I'm not sure if you can use the Emperor on the senate platform sensing Anakin is in trouble without running into trouble with the removed Sidious/Yoda duel (which I'm very glad to see gone). Overall this is my favorite. I suspect it isn't getting as much attention as other edits due to it not being available in HD. I would love to see a version 3.3 with just a few more tweaks and in HD. Nice work!

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