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(Updated: September 11, 2012)
Review by geminigod — June 26, 2010 @ 7:09 pm

flyboy707 hit it on the head pretty well. I too have watched all or the vast majority of the ROTS edits on this site, to the point where it began to get exhausting. I kept waiting for somebody to get this movie right so I could complete my Star Wars collection. Editors like Spence and JasonN would get certain aspects right but drop the ball in other scenes.

This edit, I believe is as close to perfect as this movie can get. It is a solid, clean edit with no technical problems to speak of (I have watched it twice and watched carefully). The audio and video quality is as good as it gets. But more importantly it takes Lucas’s vision and executes the truest representation of what I believe to be the intended goals of the movie with the footage available to work with.

There are many noteworthy scenes that are much improved from other edits I have seen. The ending is the most fundamental and striking improvement, but there are many more subtle alterations that are brilliant. The Mace-Palpatine fight improved, the Obi-Grevious fight improved, the Anakin-Dooku fight improved. More important though perhaps than any of these major changes is the subtle change in my perception of the characters and story. For the first time ever watching this movie I found myself caring and believing what I was seeing. For the first time ever I was actually able to suspend my disbelief just enough to possibly believe that the Jedi could be perceived as the traitors and that Anakin could turn to the dark side. This change in my perception was unexpected and wonderful.

As it goes in Hollywood, so it goes with Fanedits. There are many people who have mastered the technical aspects of making cinema but so very few who have mastered the art of good storytelling.

Excellent work Stankpac, and thankyou for giving me a version that I can happily put in between the Phantom Edits and Adywan’s Revisited.
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