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(Updated: September 11, 2012)
Review by pizzaguylol — August 14, 2010 @ 6:59 pm

I liked the fact that getting to the ship was trimmed. No more buzz droid silliness. Just a good straight up entrance to Greivous’s command ship. I liked how they got to the observation deck quicker and that the fight with Dooku was more abrupt. I didn’t like how the line about wanting revenge was cut because it makes for an awkward cut “It is only natural” jump cut “Now we must leave… etc.”. A minor gripe, but I am glad the sand people mention was gone, for sure. Really liked how you spliced in the Episode I footage of the destroyer droids coming out. It was pretty seamless and removed R2′s slapstick.

Shortening their conversation seemed a bit unnecessary but I didn’t mind it that much. The other cuts (Jedi conversation and whatnot) are all good. Redundant crap we already know or stuff we don’t need to know.

Loved the Seeds of the Rebellion scene being added. No idea why they cut this scene, it connects to Episode IV very well. Mon Mothma having a bigger part is great. Also liked the other scenes you added in this area. It amazes me they weren’t used but others were. Also removing midi-chlorians… thank you! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! If a fanedit has midi-chlorians in them I just can’t keep it. Thank you very much for removing that godawful pseudo-science crap. Keep the force mysterious!

I liked the cuts on Utapau, although it felt weird to have Obi-wan go so long without saying anything during the Greivous fight. Not saying I don’t like it, but it was odd how he didn’t speak during that entire exchange.

Definitely liked tightening up the whole arrest scene. Always thought that seemed overly long and I HATED Palpatine’s overacting and all of the “no’s” he spouted out when he was about to zap Mace. Very impressive editing of the whole fight scene too, I might add. I liked how Palpatine just immediately killed those two Jedi and made short work of Plo Koon much more quickly. He IS the Dark Lord of the SIth, after all! The whole scene is just much quicker, tighter, and flows better. Anakin’s turn is much quicker and more believable. I do, however, wish you could have cut the “UNLIMITED… POWER!!!!” line from Palpatine. Always hated that. Doesn’t take too much away from the scene, though. Wish there was a way to get rid of some of the bad acting on Christensen’s part but hey you can only do so much. ;)

Cutting the younglings scene… Kind of iffy on this one. I always thought it really cemented just how twisted and evil Anakin had really become. I can live without it, though.

Removing the “Welcome, Lord Vader” line caused a bad jump cut… I know the line isn’t the best but the cut is really obvious. Having said that, was there any way to remove the “The war is over! Lord Sidious promised us peace–” line before Vader ices that guy? Just annoyed me how he didn’t just kill him immediately like the other guys.

Getting rid of Yoda’s saber usage is good. Removing the fight with Palpatine is very good. It was a cool visual but it really made no sense and added nothing of substance to the story.

The Mustafar Duel is now much quicker and better paced. I really liked what you did here. It flows very well. I especially liked how there was no “From my point of view the JEDI are evil!” and “I have the high ground!”. It jumps right from the fight into Anakin’s defeat and incineration. Nicely done.

Cutting the “she has lost the will to live” thing made me happy. Always thought that was a dumb cop out. I would have left in more of the Birth of Darth Vader scene. I really enjoyed that scene as it was the final death of Anakin and the true birth of Darth Vader as he breathes his first breath. That’s one thing I’d really like to see back but it doesn’t hurt my enjoyment at all. Very glad the “NOOOOOO” is gone.

Overall this is my favorite edit of Episode III, and while it isn’t perfect in terms of certain jump cuts sticking out and a few other things, its going to be my definitive Episode III for now. Very well done!

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