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Review from 29 October 2010

Superb, Stankpac, superb. Watched it last night an *really enjoyed* it! Yes, a prequel film, that I enjoyed! Superb editing decisions throughout. Well done.
Technically, most cuts were seamless. There were a couple of times that I thought “hmm, that was a bit abrupt” (when someone opened their mouth to say something, and then we cut away) – but very few noticeable cuts.
Deleted scenes were brilliant – showed Anakins and Padmes separate lives, pulling them in different directions, which made the ending inevitable.
I would have liked slightly more exposition from Palpatine, working on Anakins fears – but, in the end, not entirely necessary (although for a non-SW audience, perhaps necessary?).
I may have more comments when I watch it again, but now I would say it is a *huge* improvement over the original film.

Technical editing 9/9.5 out of 10
Story editing 10/10
Menu 5/10 Menu is fantastic, brilliantly presented, but utterly ruined by the menu movie of Yoda dancing with the troopers. Totally ruins the mood of the film immediately. :-(
Overall film: I rate Ep3 about a 5 or 6, so this edit would be a 7 or 8 as a standalone movie release.

But this is, not imdb, so I’ll give a final rating on the fanedit, not the movie.

9 out of 10 (docked a point for the menu and a couple of obvious cuts – I’ll list them when I watch it again)
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