Star Wars - Episode I: Phantom Edit Redux

Star Wars - Episode I:  Phantom Edit Redux
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This version is for STAR WARS fans who have already seen Episode 1 a few times and have a hard time re-watching the original. This version provides an experience more in line with the original trilogy (at least A New Hope and Empire).
To make Episode 1 more in tone with the original Star Wars films and cut most juvenile humour. Also to re-arrange the final battle scenes. This version is for STAR WARS fans who have already seen Episode 1 a few times and have a hard time re-watching the original. This version provides an experience more in line with the original trilogy (at least A New Hope and Empire).
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Cuts and Additions:
- Removed the pilots first line to Qui-Gon “Yes, sir”.
- Removed Tade Federation dialogue “What” and “Are you brain dead” and “I assure you we have the full corporation of the Sa-neettte”. No more “Roger, Roger” from the robots.
- Tightened dialogue with Trade Federation speaking with Lord Sidious.
- No more Jar-Jar screams, yells or antics when first meeting Qui-Gon.
- Tightened pause and quickened wipe when Trande Federation takes over the Naboo palace.
- Cut more Jar-Jar lines. If Jar Jar speaks, unless necessary to the plot, it was probably removed.
- Cut Jar-Jar jumping, flipping and yelping into the pond. Cut Jar-Jar line “How rude”.
- Cut Boss Nagg shake-head-dribble from cheek bit, he now cuts off Jar-Jar’s answer about life debt.
- Moved up scene with Lord Sidious and the Trade Federation to directly after Boss Nagg scene — then wipe directly to the sub with Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and Jar Jar leaving Gungan city.
- Jar Jar antics in the sub are nowhere to be found. Tightened the cuts when the first monster attacks.
- Blended together the gap between the sub breaking down and taking off (by moving up the Lord Sidious scene)
- Added deleted scene of sub going over waterfall. Tightened cuts, creating suspense with cross cutting of grappling hook and Jar Jar escaping from sub. No Jar Jar punchline at end of scene.
- No more Jar Jar comments when the Jedi attack the droids. Even removed the quick shot of Jar Jar’s legs falling into the frame from the balcony. Tighter cuts make Jedi’s attacks seem quicker.
- Cut the droid guard line “This does not compute". Qui-Gon now only waits till the Robot Guard response — then wipes it out with his light saber.
- No more Jar Jar introducing himself to the Queen’s cruiser droids. Also cut his “How rude” line to R2-D2.
- Cut Jar Jar bitching while walking in the desert of Tatooine.
- Removed Trade Federation line about not telling Lord Sidious about the Jedi. (poor line reading)
- No more Jar Jar stepping in doo-doo. In fact, all poo-doo, doo-doo and poop jokes are eliminated.
- Cut Anakin’s first line to Watto calling him out. Watto now cuts him off, adding weight to his cruelness.
- Cut Anakin’s first few lines to Padame ... no more “Are you an angel”, “Are you a pilot” and “All my life”. Now Padame simply asks Anakin how long he’s lived there and dialogue resumes as normal.
- Cut Jar Jar goofing around with the droid robots. Quicker exit with Qui-Gon and Padame.
- No “Yippie” from Anakin. Watto now cuts him off and bosses him around.
- Trimmed Jar Jar antics in the market with the food. He now just reaches for it and it flings into Subulba. No more chomping at the food, owner yelling at Jar Jar, who now has the food in his mouth and smiles at us. Yeech!
- Ended the Anakin and Sebulba scene quicker. No mare Jar Jar dialogue.
- Added deleted scene of Anakin fighting in the street with Greedo.
- Removed Anakin’s “I’m home mom” line and Jar Jar’s “This looks cozy” line at Anakin’s house.
- Cut Anakin’s extraneous dialogue with C-3PO. Removed Anakin’s line to Padame “You really like it?”
- Trimmed several lines of dialogue from dinner table scene. Removed Jar Jar’s first tongue grab of food.
- Anakin no longer tells Qui-Gon he had a dream he was a Jedi and rescued the slaves. (poor line delivery).
- Removed mother’s mention of Anakn’s birth and lack of father.
- Removed Anakin’s friends teasing him and his pod racer. Removed all Jar Jar antics at pod racer.
- Trimmed out all mention of midichlorians. Qui-Gon now just takes a blood sample of Anakin.
- Trimmed out Jar Jar line with Qui-Gon, Watto and Sebulba in the pod racer hanger.
- Trimmed out several lines of dialogue with Anakin and Padme. Including Kipsters line.
- Removed several (most) moments with two headed announcer, especially the modern “hoo-haa” dance and “That’s gotta hurt in any galaxy” type of dialogue. Added in several deleted scenes at the beginning of the race, including a cameo by the cantina band and a close up of C-3PO carrying a flag.
- Removed all of Anakin’s dance and jump happy pit crew antics. Trimmed some robot and creature antics.
- Removed several shots of the crowd performing camera mugging dances.
- Trimmed shot of Willow cameo.
- Removed Anakin’s line to Sebulba. Now Anakin’s just stares back in slow motion and does not answer.
- Removed some of Anakin’s comments to Qui-Gon before the race. Now he listens instead of speaking.
- Added back in the extended deleted scene of Lap 2 of the pod race, including Tusken Raiders shooting Jawas.
- Trimmed antics during Anakin’s victory, including Jar Jar picking up Anakin.
- Removed mother’s line to Anakin “You given hope to those who had none”.
- Trimmed several lines from Anakin to mother after Qui-Gon tells him he is free.
- Trimmed Anakin telling Qui-Gon how much he wants to be a Jedi. (poor line reading).
- Removed Qui-Gon put hand on shoulder of mother and saying “Are you okay”.
- Removed dialogue Anakin speaks to C-3PO about leaving on a star cruiser.
- Removed several lines between Anakin and mother saying goodbye.
- When mother asks “What does your heart tell you”, Anakin now responds “I will come back and free you.”.
- Added in deleted scene of probe droid following Qui-Gon and Anakin in market streets.
- Removed Jar Jar sleeping noise antics as Padame crosses the room. Now we just wipe up on Padame.
- Trimmed Anakin’s dialogue with Padame on the ship. He no longer gives her the gift to remember him by. (Note: This cut was made before SITH was released and the pendant re-appearance at Padame’s funeral)
- Cut out Jar Jar hooting it up when the shuttle takes off.
- Removed mention of midichlorians during the Jedi counsel meeting and
- Qui-Gon and Anakin on the landing dock.
- Cut out Jar Jar’s line “Weesa going home” before he boards the spaceship.
- Queen now cuts off Jar Jar when she calls him forward (removing his line and goofy response).
- Cut around Jar Jar’s extra goofy walk when exiting from underwater and walking to camp.
- Removed Jar Jar’s lines when arriving in Gungan holy place.
- Now when Padame reveals herself to Boss Nagg and asks for help, all of Boss Nagg’s slobbering and responses are removed and we wipe into the next scene without ever seeing the cheering and outcome. Mystery beat to end on.
- Removed Anakin’s line to Gungan watch guard. Removed Jar Jar fainting when told he’s now a general.
- Cut Jar Jar’s line to troops “Steady now” and most of his physical comedy antics.
- When droid attacks Jar Jar, he now just stomps on the droid. (we cut away before the slapstick begins)
- Cut Anakin’s line to Qui-Gon when told to stay in the fighter ship. Removed Anakin’s line about the auto pilot.
- Tightened cuts of Anakin flying in space, removing dialogue that explains the action on screen.
- Jar Jar now appears to alley-oop the bomb inside the he droid attack tank, instead of fumbling around.
- Cut Anakin’s “Yippie” yelp of success when escaping the fireball. Cut Jar Jar line when droid army loses power.
- Restructured the action scene of Padame, Panaka and troops making way through palace and fighting off droid guards. The two pieces of action are now cut together to form a single action sequence. This same kind of action bridge is also applied to the space battle with Anakin, the light saber fight and the Gungan battle on the ground.
- Bridged together two action pieces from lightsaber fight and stayed with fight until force field gates trap the Jedi.
- Removed Jar Jar line of “Weesa give up”. Bridged with scene of droid army rounding up Gungans.
- Cut directly to Padame and Panaka getting caught in palace hallway after Gungan’s are captured.
- Now when Anakin’s fighter lands inside the Trade Federation control ship and the droids approach, we don’t cut away for six minutes, instead we cut right to him regaining power and blasting the power grid on the ship.
- Bridged both pieces of Obi-Wan and Darth Maul fight. Also tightened and added shots + cuts in a Sergio Leone style to Obi-Wan’s final attack on Darth Maul. Better overall tenesion and surprise of attack. Removed an awkward pause (fifteen frames) when Obi-Wan lands from his flip over Darth Maul, to when his light saber cuts Maul in half, now displaying the lightning speed of the Jedi.
- Removed shot of Gungans marching and Jar Jar falling of his creature.
- Added Phantom Redux Editor credit.
- Removed most end credits. Added Phantom Editor Redux credit.
Cover art by CBB (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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the phantom edit was a huge step forward in people noticing fan edits, this is not the best quality version i have seen.

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Phantom Menace DVD is horrible quality, this is worse. Editing was good, no noticeable cuts. There were no subtitles for alien dialogue, don’t know if this was creative decision or an error.

Movie still sucks, that’ll probably never change. It’s less dumb than the theatrical and tighter pacing overall.

A/V Quality - 5
Editing - 9
Narrative - 7
Enjoyment - 7 (original is 2)

Recommended drink: Vodka Redbull

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(Updated: September 10, 2012)
Review by Hrumpff — April 12, 2010 @ 4:36 pm

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(Updated: September 10, 2012)
Review by Matt_Jensen — April 12, 2010 @ 4:29 pm

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Review by jjrdias — May 13, 2009 @ 2:23 am

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