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The only way to watch ANH is via Adywan. I dont think i can add too much more to what people have said already; suffice it to say this is a true labor of love and a testament to what the entire concept of fanediting is really suppoosed to be about. Too many fanedits suffer from fenzied, wild-eyed cutting for its own sake, due to millenial attention spans requiring 2 seconds a shot, or an otherwise "lets get on with it" mentality. The best fanedits out there seek story above all.

What is really fascinating about this edit is Adywan's clear and utter love for the source material; this really is an enhancement, not an edit. As someone who grew up in the 1980s knowing every frame, visual and audio tic, and flaw in lucas's original vision it can be jarring to see what he's getting up to conceptually here, but having seen this a number of times its starting to all blend together.

I understand the furor by purists, but have zero problem with the musical cues. All of the additions from the SE are tastefully realized, and the things we loved so dearly about the original cut (han shot first, et al) are absolutely and totally right there. The best move was finally doing something about Ben's disappearing lightsaber in the duel (something that's always bothered me) and sorting out some of Lucas's original editing oversights, audio discrepencies, etc.

Adywan uses his editing skills in the best way - to draw attention away from the very concept of editing. Its invisible. Compared to lots of films (fanedits and not) that insist on self-consciously making editing a "character" instead of a means to an end, Adywan keeps the editing ego under control. Unless youre Scorsese/Schoonmaker, or Tarantino/Menke, or any of the great editing teams who have mastered the art of self-consciousness in editing, and need it as a story tool, keep it invisible.

9 for visual. Waiting for Adywan's HD release! In the meantime, from here til the end of all things to conceive of watching ANH sans Adywan's edit is inconceivable. Lucasfilm, give this man a position! You couldnt have a better source of evidence of competency than this film (except maybe Adywan's ESB!)

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