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This is by far superior to the official blurays. Harmy's despecialized edition is the most preferred version for me and the one I recommend, but this is a nice alternative. Most of the color issues have been fixed with the exception of the crushed blacks which are still present in scenes like the garbage masher and the interior of the sand crawler. But it's not at all the problem it is in the blurays. Vader's voice change is nice as are the small touches to make he and artoo consistent with the rest of the saga - even though Vader's costume is fundamentally different in this film and can't be completely fixed. The new music is not necessary and is the only major qualm I have. Mostly I was amazed by the level of detail and care that went into this fanedit. The new special effects are nice and the addition of sound elements from the mono track are welcome (including Beru's voice). Bottom line, Harmy's is the preserved original, the film that was nominated for best picture, and the must have version, but this is a lovingly made fanedit and shouldn't be discounted. Indeed, it is another must own and a lesson for lucasfilm in the true meaning of quality.

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