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(Updated: December 12, 2017)
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Star Wars Revisited is quite simply the best version of Star Wars out there. Theatrical is great too, but I just love how much effort was put into it to fix issues from the source material that should have been fixed in the actual Special Editions.

The best thing about this is that the movie is still George Lucas’ Star Wars. It’s the same movie we’ve seen and loved for years, only much better, technically speaking. I mean sure, the addition of music from later films and added things like a Trade Federation Battle Droid, while awesome, don’t really support this “same movie” thing, especially Battle of the Heroes. But to be honest, I actually don’t mind these additions and even love them, because they improve the movie, especially Battle of the Heroes because it improves the lightsaber duel which, let’s be honest, is one of the weakest ones of the saga. These additions are not like, say, Jabba the Hutt in the hangar, because it supports the narrative rather than hurt it.

I LOVE Star Wars Revisited. Highly recommended, even for newcomers.

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