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(Updated: May 05, 2013)
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This is absolutely the best fanedit I have ever seen, bar none. The level of detail in sound, color, minor editing, and Adywan’s own additions to the film makes this a truly special edition in every sense of the term. The only thing more admirable than the effort was the level of respect Adywan shows to the source material. This was a labor of love.

Audio: 10/10
The sound is more crisp and thankfully free of any ridiculous WOOH-ing from Obi-Wan. I honestly could not find a flaw.

Editing: 10/10
Everything was seamless and professional, and the extensive editing/repainting involved shows what a chore and achievement that was.

Visuals: 10/10
Everything was recolored and sharpened to a point where the movie felt more modern (in a very very good way.) All of the lightsabers and blasters were redrawn from scratch to fit the overall tone and to simply look better. There were so many more (repainting R2 to circumvent a continuity error; adding/removing lines to the X-Wings for identification; digitally making the Mos Eisley patrons more expressive; Han shooting first) that it would take hours to list even the most obvious changes. It’s something that has to be seen to believed and fortunately it’s a wonderful experience. 10 out of 10 is frankly too low a score. These guys went up to eleven.

Presentation: 10/10
The DVD menu and boxart was classic Star Wars and the subtitle track that pointed to the many many changes was a treat.

Entertainment Value: 10/10
It was like watching A New Hope for the first time all over again. For two blessed hours I was a child staring in awe. This is what Special Editions should be and I can honestly say that Adywan raised the bar. I look forward to Empire Revisited.

Overall: An obvious 10. This baby’s definitive.

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