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(Updated: January 25, 2020)
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Lots of different comments about what was added and what was taken away. I imagine that if one tried to please all of the fans then there would be more than a hundred different versions, at least.

First, my likes:
1. Removing Jabba. Yes! I always felt that this revealed Jabba too early. He was a mysterious, unknown figure in the original trilogy and then you finally went to his palace (suspension building as C3P2 and R2-D2 go in) and finally meet the disgusting overgrown slug. This was completely ruined with a poorly done CG character (whose texture did not even look like it did in the third movie) and having Han step on the tail of the man who just sent an assassin to kill him does not make sense.
2. Removing the puerile robot humor on the entry to Mos Eisly. Thanks!
3. re-cutting the battle between Obi-wan and Darth Vader, it actually felt intense!
4. turning Vader’s saber on after Obi-wan, and making Obi-wan turn it on earlier (thus eliminating the “jerk”). Noticed that right off.
5. All of the fantastic work on the lightsabers and lasers (Obi-wan’s lightsaber no longer flickers like it’s failing or something!)
6. Chewie’s medal, just brilliant.
7. The overall crisp look of the film. It made me excited about Star Wars again.
8. Planet added to Death Star scenes.
9. New graphics for Death Star plans.
10. More TIEs.

Things I didn’t care for:
1. The re-sequenced scene at Obi-wan’s hut (maybe I just remember the old way too well but it seemed slightly awkward)
2. The new music added to Obi-wan and Darth Vader’s battle, it seemed a little too modern to fit with the old Star Wars.
3. Some of the re-sequenced shots in the battle—like making Luke’s “getting cooked” not appear after he’d just been “trusting his feelings”, again that could be just because I remember the original so well.

If anyone agrees with these, check out the “Purist” edition Adywan made. I’m currently helping seed it. Sadly I am a mixture of Purist and the full-edit, I don’t care for the new music, mainly, but like the new graphics and battle elements.

In any event, this was a great watch and has made me enjoy Star Wars again. I only watched the 2004 DVDs once and was disappointed and thought that perhaps I had outgrown Star Wars. This turns out to not be the case, it was Lucas that had deserted me.

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