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Wow, just wow. This is the first time I’ve ever watched a fan edit, and it’s simply amazing. The color, the lightsabers, really everything ADYWAN has done is incredible. Everything that has ever nudged me in the wrong direction is gone. I especially like the inclusion of “Imperial March” (even though it felt odd to me at first, which I realized is simply because of my repeat watchings of the original) and the extended Death Star battle, which really helped to remind us that, contrary to popular belief, the Empire does not want the Death Star to be destroyed.

Only one thing annoyed me and that was the use of “Battle of the Heroes” during the Obi-Wan vs. Darth Vader fight. While I think it’s a completely awesome piece, it has a high level of epicness that feels out of place here. Though I 100% approve of editing the duel to have a faster pace, as it always seemed to me like the black sheep of the saga’s lightsaber duels.

Overall, this edit is definitely worth watching, though, I feel this review probably isn’t going to get anyone to watch it because it seems everyone already has. This is what the Special Edition should have been, though, I’m split between this version and the original theatrical. As a film fan, I would have to go with the original. But as a Star Wars fan, I would have to go with this edit. Because of that, I give STAR WARS: REVISITED 10/10
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