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Wow. Where to start? How do I begin to write a review on an experience that has given me a feeling I haven’t had since I was a child. Watching Adywan’s edit I felt like I was seeing Episode IV for the first time. This was the first Fan Edit I’ve seen, and I can easily say that Adywan has gotten me hooked.

First off, Adywan has done a masterful job of color correction. My jaw dropped in the first 5 minutes, and stayed there until the lights came on. Really, there are just so many things that I loved about this edit that I can’t list them all. I’ll just highlight a few of my favorite parts;

The Cantina scene. Amazing, well done really. It really captured the feel of the Cantina that I think other edits are missing.
The Greedo scene was awesome. At that point I was just juiced because I knew I was in for a treat.
I loved the shots of the Death Star with the planets.
Adding the wormhole in the falcon’s cockpit was a touch of genius!
The final battle was just simply fan-f*%#@!g-tastic. I’m running out of adjectives here, this edit is so good.
And the fact that Chewie gets a medal? Priceless. Adywan has thought of everything.

I’m so very happy that this was the first Fan Edit I saw. I can’t say enough. But I can sum it all up;

This is THE definitive version of Star Wars Episode IV. WATCH THIS MOVIE!!

Thank you Adywan, for such an entertaining experience. Your hard work is an inspiration to us all. Please edit Empire Strikes Back!

Video: 10/10
Audio: 10/10
Improvement: 10/10 over all other versions
Overall: 10/10
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