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Well, I finally finished downloading this movie (a free account on Rapidshare and an ISP download cap is a really cruddy things lol)…

My God, have you done an incredibly admirable job on this movie, Adywan!!!! You should be standing up there in the movie with Luke and the rest getting a medal LOL.

This is my first experience with a fanedit and I am not disappointed. You have given back to the fans what Lucas had taken away with his Special Editions. Granted, a lot in the special editions was phenomenal, but the bit with Jabba never worked for me in the first place (and inserting the cheezy Boba Fett cameo was retarded) and I, for one, am glad you took it out. The Alderran explosion was amazing, and I almost freaked out at your ENTIRELY new Death Star intro…I loved hearing the Imperial March in this movie.

The final dogfight was, in my opinion, what Lucas had intended in the first place…it was much more busy, much more hectic, and pulled me into it much more successfully than the original ever could. Every time you saw a character in their cockpit, you saw how much of a battle was really going on; the little audio fixes were great (“Blast it, WEDGE, where are you?” “Biggs! BIGGS!!!”; the TIE Fighter Intro to the battle was great, because is really gave the Rebels something to sh*t themselves over; the Death Star explosion was perfect (and it was a perfect “just in the nick of time” destruction).

The thing I loved most about the Death Star battle sequences was how the Rebel ships weren’t alone in the trenches…finally we got to see the TIES following them. This was a major point of contention for me and it never got fixed in the Special Editions, which was incredibly disappointing. All-in-all, I have watched just the Death Star battle scene about 5 times and I can’t seem to get tired of it…there’s always something there that I hadn’t seen the time before lol (my fave was the TIE spinning into the Death Star WAAAAAAAAAYYYYY in the background, there…brilliant touch…explosions and ships being destroyed everywhere…just freaking brilliant).

I really and honestly had my doubts as to what the quality would be, as Adywan is not a “professional,” and doesn’t have the big budget to blow on this, but all my doubts were washed away.

Granted, I have my minor gripes, but there were some serious gripes with the Official releases, so my minor gripes are of little consequences…I mean, c’mon man…HAN SHOOTS FIRST!!! What more can a Star Wars fan ask for?!!

You have given me what Star Wars should have been 10 years ago, and you should be commended. Thank you very much for replacing every other Star Wars edition I own (except for my ORIGINAL version on VHS lol).

Phenomenal…just freaking phenomenal. 500,000 stars out of 5
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