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Honestly, what else can be said? This is phenomenal, truly a Special Edition. It is the kind of attention to detail that I had hoped the Big Guy would do when he made his own SE's. Up close and personal, the details I just about died for; The work on Vader is outstanding, while not as shiny as in Episodes III, V and VI, it's a great move, as well as the eyes., the Duel with Kenobi and Vader finally has the pacing and emotional impact it deserves. The Battle of Yavin.. amazing.
Overall, what I truly love about this edition, is that it allows the movie to feel 'at home' between the prequel and Episodes V and VI. That is to say, outside of Aunt Beru's clothes, and some side-burns, this move no longer stands out as being filmed in the 70's, more specifically, being limited to 70's computer graphics technology. The computer and hologram updates, and the SCALE of battle now begin to feel correct when compared against the other movies. The little fixes are nice, the inconsistencies that have always nagged at me etc.. but it's the scale that the movie now has that is truly makes it fantastic.

Fantastic work, can't wait for Episode V!!!!

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