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(Updated: September 12, 2012)
This is a Great Work and is closer to what should have been the Special Edition Star Wars.

1. Han Shoot first!!! THANK YOU!
2. Removal of Jabba Scene. Thank You!
3. There are so many improvements that they are to many to list. Thanks!

One scene that should still be removed is the scene when Luke meets an old friend and says “I told you I’d make it some day”. This whole scene is poorly acted and scripted and that was the reason it was dropped from the Original. Why Luke would say such a stupid line just before going on a virtual suicide mission is an anathema. Also an officer questions Luke’s ability to fly a fighter seconds before departure! Silly!

Other than that this is project is Brilliant!

George Lucas should be ashamed that a Fan-edit does what his own technicians could not do.
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